Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preds VS Ducks Playoff game 2

It's Duck Season

The Nashville Predators are set to take on the Anaheim Ducks again tonight for game 2 of the first round Stanley Cup Playoffs. The game is set for 9:30 CST making it extremely tough for the Predator fans to stay up and watch their beloved team, who is determined to move on past the first round of the Playoffs and make team history. If the game is anything like what we witnessed on Wednesday, though, there shouldn't be any issue with staying up to cheer them on.

Tonight's game should be filled with as much action a fan could hope for, the Ducks came out hard against the Preds in Game 1 held on Wednesday night in Anaheim, with veteran Teemu Selanne attempting to place the Ducks on his shoulders and carry them to a victory. It was not in the cards, and the Ducks only goal came during a breakdown of the Preds discipline which gave Anaheim a 5 on 3 powerplay for almost a minute and a half. That is what it took for Teemu to score against the Preds, a 5 on 3 powerplay. There were a good amount of scoring chances for the Ducks, but Pekka Rinne showed them again why he was the second best goaltender in the league for the regular season. This is why I could not understand how hockey fans/media could be "shocked" or "surprised" at the Predators huge road win against the Ducks. The Preds went 3-1 versus Anaheim in the regular season and Pekka Rinne finished the regular season only trailing Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins in stats.

The Ducks are looking for revenge after the Preds handily stole the home-ice advantage from them on Wednesday. The 4-1 win boosted the Predator's confidence, and should give them enough fortitude to win again tonight. The Ducks will be challenging the Preds discipline, just as they did during Game 1, with Corey Perry leading the charge. Jordin Tootoo and Shane OBrien of the Preds will have to keep their composure and resist the temptation thrown at them constantly. Peks will have to stand on his head again, and Mike Fisher (our most experienced post-season player) will have to lead by example just as he did on Wednesday scoring 2 goals to seal the victory. If the Preds can keep their level heads and focus along with discipline and poise, they are sure to bring home another solid victory, bringing a series lead 2-0 back to their building and their fans on Sunday.

There may even be a surprise or two awaiting the Ducks before, during, and after the game....
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