Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 2 training for the Fangtastic 5K

January 7, 2011
Today I woke up feeling a little sore and achy from my run the other day. Determined, I laced up my shoes, got my water bottle filled, and turned on a "This American Life" podcast on my iPod.
Listening to a podcast makes it a little easier to distract myself from the burning in my lungs when running the short intervals of the CT5K training program.
About 10 minutes in to the run/walk a sweet little pup came up wanting attention, being an animal lover, and a hopeless worrywart, I had to take care of the poor boy while his "mom" drove back to get him. While this disrupted my training, I simply COULD NOT let him run around on his own until she got back, so we waited on their porch, and after making sure that "Cody" was safe, I started back on my run....
I actually ran for a total of 20 minutes and walked for 25 minutes, finding it easier and easier to start my "runs" as the time progressed. Here's to hoping this trend continues.....
After all, February 12th is coming faster and faster.
Also, I started a photo album on Facebook for my training.... feel free to check it out by clicking on this link: Fangtastic 5K
Fangtastic 5K here I come!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fangtastic 5K

Sooo... Last night, along with a few other Twitter friends, I signed up for my first EVER 5k. Yes. Me.
This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but you are probably one of those people that actually exercises, but I am not. I haven't since I was FORCED to in Gym class over a decade ago. Even then, creating fake illnesses to get out of the running, kickball, and badminton was a challenge I accepted on a daily basis. Fact is, when I get home from my overly stressful Retail Manager job all I want to do is lay on the couch, watch t.v., and eat horrible snacks. So when it got in my head last night that I still had not begun my resolution to get in shape, I signed up. Nothing like a $40 investment to get, and keep me motivated.
Today, a few more of our Predator Twitter people joined us in the event, including the third founding member of the @HockeyTonkAngel s Rachel and her Fiance Frankie. Most of us are going to walk/run it, but the point is, we are going to do it. I am going to run(walk) a 5K.
Everyone has been really supportive, and forwarded a lot of great information and sites to me including: From Couch to 5K There is even an app for Droid. Yep. I am going to do this. Along with: Jennifer Parker, Rachel Addison, Patten Fuqua, Tyler Davis, Ashley Simmons, Justin Bradford, Frankie Rosato, Lizette Garcia, Ben Butzbach, April McDonald, John Fessler, Cheryl Norris, and several others. I believe that this is now gonna be a bonified #NHLTweetup
I started my training this morning, it wasn't too bad, definitely out of shape though. Following the From Couch to 5k program seems to make it easy.
I have to do this, for the Predators Foundation.... and for myself. Here's to 2011.
"This year will be our year, took a long time to come" ~ The Zombies