Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fangtastic 5K

Sooo... Last night, along with a few other Twitter friends, I signed up for my first EVER 5k. Yes. Me.
This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but you are probably one of those people that actually exercises, but I am not. I haven't since I was FORCED to in Gym class over a decade ago. Even then, creating fake illnesses to get out of the running, kickball, and badminton was a challenge I accepted on a daily basis. Fact is, when I get home from my overly stressful Retail Manager job all I want to do is lay on the couch, watch t.v., and eat horrible snacks. So when it got in my head last night that I still had not begun my resolution to get in shape, I signed up. Nothing like a $40 investment to get, and keep me motivated.
Today, a few more of our Predator Twitter people joined us in the event, including the third founding member of the @HockeyTonkAngel s Rachel and her Fiance Frankie. Most of us are going to walk/run it, but the point is, we are going to do it. I am going to run(walk) a 5K.
Everyone has been really supportive, and forwarded a lot of great information and sites to me including: From Couch to 5K There is even an app for Droid. Yep. I am going to do this. Along with: Jennifer Parker, Rachel Addison, Patten Fuqua, Tyler Davis, Ashley Simmons, Justin Bradford, Frankie Rosato, Lizette Garcia, Ben Butzbach, April McDonald, John Fessler, Cheryl Norris, and several others. I believe that this is now gonna be a bonified #NHLTweetup
I started my training this morning, it wasn't too bad, definitely out of shape though. Following the From Couch to 5k program seems to make it easy.
I have to do this, for the Predators Foundation.... and for myself. Here's to 2011.
"This year will be our year, took a long time to come" ~ The Zombies

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  1. C25k is the program I used to get into running shape. It's a great program and you'll notice a huge difference!