Friday, January 8, 2010

Flames at Predators 1.5.10

The Hockey Gods are cruel....
When good things happen before a game for me, the Preds are left in my karmic wake.

Why?, You ask....

Well: I arrived in the front of the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Nashville around 3:30 PM to find that the Calgary Flames bus was waiting out front, this was a GREAT sign, as I was hoping to autograph hound them before they made their way to the Sommet Center for their pre-game warm-ups......
The freezing temps would not discourage me from my endeavour. As an autograph hound, the team as a whole is not my goal, no greed in my vocabulary, there are a few players on each team that catch my attention and that is who gets to put paint on puck. In this case, it was Jarome Iginla, Mikka Kiprusoff, Jay Bouwmeester, and Olli more was on that list, but because of recent issues, there was no holding of breath for him to have traveled much less be willing to sign for me. Seeing the team begin to filter from the lobby to the bus and placing their belongings on it, my stomach lurched realizing that this day was gonna be a great one for me. All of the aforementioned players signed, and my mystery player (Dion Phaneuf) came striding along more than willing to sign and even THANKED ME for asking for his auto!!!! Admittedly, some may have labeled me as "Fan Girl" when I realized that Dion was headed right for us, but what do I care? I probably will never see him again, and if I do, he won't remember me!

Off to dinner at Chipotle...... THEN:

Around 6:00 the doors opened to the Sommet Center, the crowd rushed in out of the cold, and on a tip from a fellow "Tweep" I headed straight for the already crowded Pro Shop to retrieve my beloved Women's fit Third Jersey and purchase it. Placing that Black and Blue beauty on my back, looking at the perfect fit, and ripping the tag off for the cashier took mere seconds.... Victory!!! So proud.... so happy to be a season ticket holder and get that 20% off too! Wow, this night was really going well..... the smooth ride from Memphis, the free parking, a successful hounding trip, and the purchase of my Third was making for a great day in Music City... Seriously, what could go wrong?

Warm-ups are a tradition..... I head down there, take tons of pictures, and my presence makes the team really work hard....hahahahahaha... made myself laugh with that one.... Really, just like seeing my boys up close and personal before the game, and send some good thoughts their way. The horn sounded, and I solemly made my way up the stairs kicking myself for not upgrading those tickets to lower bowl, took one last look at the silent auction table, and was asked where our seats were for the game, told the guy running the table, and he handed me a pair of tickets for section 120. I was FLOORED!

This is where the night turns tragic. The game started, the Flames scored first, Preds had no momentum, and lost the game because I had a good day....... I take personal responsibility for it PREDS fans.... It was me. So sorry. I will never do it again. ;)
(not true.... don't hold me to it) The next opportunity to hound and get free stuff, I will not be the one to turn it down. That would just be silly!

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