Sunday, September 20, 2009

So..... Predators VS Blue Jackets.

Fan Fest= DUD.... I don't know about the local fans, but for those of us driving in to Nashville from the far reaches I felt like the marketing team really oversold the activities for this three day celebration. Rain the whole time, but come on. I am not sure what I was expecting, but 3 boxes of donuts, small blood drive, and tables set up for the pre-game "tailgate" which looked like an Invite-only event were not it.

Open Practices? AWESOME!!!!!!
- I love the fact that I can go to the Sommet Center and sit in section 116 ( right behind the Preds bench) and hear the guys talking, watch the warm ups, and see the interaction between the players and fans.

Toots: You giving that kid one of your sticks made his day. Seriously I don't think you guys realize how much your time means to us, the fans, who are willing to drive 3 hours just to watch you practice and of course get autos, pics, and one-on-one interaction with our favorite team.

Thank you to all the players for the extra minute or 2 that you spend with us!!!

To Fans:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT cause a traffic jam as the players come off the ice at Centennial. Seriously, you don't need to have all the players HOLD your kid so that you can take pictures..... you know who you are...... Keep it up and they are gonna run past you, and me, and I am gonna be MAD, because I am willing to bet that on any given day that I make it to a practice I drove much further than you did.

As far as the game goes,
Glad the Preds won!
Jones scoring the first goal made my night. The wait during the off-season for him to get re-signed was excrutiating...... well worth it though.

Glad to hear that Toot's opponent is ok..... feel terrible that we were all cheering him on the whole time, but Sestito is huge!!!!!!!!!!!! My stomach dropped when he hit the ice, but seeing him move his legs provided a lot of relief.

Pekka- what was going on???????? Just an off night? Too much fishing this summer? Come on, you can do better than that.
Ellis- great job stepping in. Glad to see you in such great form during camp too. Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday when I saw you in practice, I could tell that you wanted that starting position, and you deserve it. Keep it up!

Blum- glad to see you on the ice for the game and really glad to see you feeling comfortable towards the end of the game...... couple of nice take- aways and your puck handling was exceptional....

Can't see the Boys again for a while..... but on OCTOBER 8th......... I will be at the Sommet Center sporting my new Rinne shirt....

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