Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preds VS Blackhawks- AGAIN

Yet again the Predators are facing off against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Sommet Center in Nashville.

Sitting and thinking about the starting goaltender for the Preds tonight, I can't help but wonder what happened over the summer. Is this truly the Sophomore curse in action for Peks, or is it simply a lack of confidence for the once un-shakable goalie? Watching as he took over for Ellis last night against the Wild, fans began to see the Peks of old... his glove seemed to have a magnetic draw to the puck, it was as though he was back in form again. My view may still be skewed because of last season where it felt like Rinne could not be beat, but this year's numbers do not fair so well for the Finn, with a save percentage at a measly .892 and GAA 3.30. As a fan, I hope he can gain the confidence back that we saw last year. We need either Ellis or Rinne to be the go-to goalie, and last year he (Rinne) filled the starting goaltender role so well, stepping in right when the team needed him most. I understand that Trotzy wants to try this 1 and 1 goalie system, but it feels as though neither goaltender is getting the chance to gain the fortitude to get the job done.

As for tonight's game, let's just hope the WHOLE team shows up. The fire that they have exhibited in the last few meetings (except for the recent Blackhawks game) would be greatly appreciated by the fans in Smashville and outside the city limits. As a fan stuck in the most un-hockey city probably in the state of Tennessee, I will be watching and waiting to see the young talent and veterans gel on the ice.
I will not jump on the anti-Trotz movement because I remember what he has done with the team in the past. Have we as fans forgotten about the hands that Trotz has been dealt in the past? Remember the fire-sale? I was at the season finale against the Blues when we got the news about the Preds going to the Play-offs, it is still one of my favorite memories. Not to mention, the Preds shut-out the Detroit Red Wings 8 to nothing on a cold and snowy day last February amongst a slew of injuries, and the Wings went on to be the Western Conference Champions.... every team can have some bad luck.
As a Memphis Tigers fan, I have learned not to get too riled up when my favorite team loses, instead to be ecstatic when they win. Sure, consistency would be incredible, and we all love wins, but I guess I have to be optimistic... Otherwise, what fun is it to watch sports?

Let's go Preds!

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