Monday, December 7, 2009


I am currently suffering from MASSIVE hockey withdrawal right now waiting for Saturday's game at 501 Broadway against the Red Wings.....

Hopefully the result will be much better than the last home game against the Wild. Especially after the incredible win versus the Hawks the night before. Unfortunately, there are many, many people that watch the Predators and have realized that team plays to the team that they are playing against. When they play an elite team like the Sharks, Hawks, Red Wings, and many others, there appears to be a fire in their hearts and skates. On the flip side, when a last place team or close to last place team comes in to the arena, the Preds play down, whether they believe it should be an easy game, or simply don't want to work as hard.
A large problem that has been discussed amongst fans of the Preds is the lack of heart brought to the ice by our Captain, Jason Arnott, who seems only to have the energy or willingness to play about half of the time. The way he plays right now, and has for a while is lack-luster to say the least. Half of the time, I am simply unaware that he is playing, unless the goal horn goes off and Paul announces his name for the goal. yes, I know he is a leading scorer, but honestly he is not fun to watch. GIVE ME TOOTS (this year), Horny, and even SCATCH ANYTIME!
Now the young talent on the team comes out guns a blazing and generates chances, those are the players that should be on the ice. Have a bad night? BENCH them.... no matter what line they are on. Remember what happened to Erat? Injury or not, the scratch did him some good. He has totally won back a little piece of my heart in the past few weeks and actually appears to be having a good time on the ice, and generating chances with his patented spin moves.
Simply laying out my peace to keep frustrations from building up.....
LET'S go Preds!!

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