Friday, December 4, 2009

Preds @ Blackhawks 12.04.09

1st goal of the game.... Hammer & Elly get schooled by Toews. Yes boys, that IS the same Toews from the press conference the other day that got signed for A LOT of money by the Blackhawks, the same on that Coach and everyone else has told you to watch and take care of.....
2nd goal: Hammer totally redeems himself. assisted by Oreilly and Franson :0)

Ryan Suter interview after 1st intermission: Says that Trotzy has told them not to cross their skates, or you get "screwed" hahahahahhahaha That made me smile a lot!

Also seeing the United Way commercial with Jonesy doesn't make me sad now because he is back up!

Brouwer trips Klein into the boards hard sending Klein to the dressing room immediately....but Klein returns to the ice shortly after, taking his regular shifts, even though there were tweets to Admirals staff asking if Sulzer could come back to Nashville after their game tonight.... all is well though...

Then in a surprising move, ok... just surprising to him, Erat redirects a puck from Toots leading to the 2nd goal of the night for the Preds... THIS is what happens when you have net presence boys!

Leggy with an awesome D move in the second as Elly and Weber get tied up on a breakaway, Leggy continues to play strong and seems to be having a wonderful year. He and Ward are really communicating and creating opportunities, plus blocking the other team's chances.

Suter swatted away an opportunity in the second while the Hawks crashed the Pred's net and continues to play strong.
THEN Tootoo fed a shot to Erat to make it 2-1 Preds. Really glad to see Toots get the assist on this goal, but even more stoked to see his GOAL

The third period starts with an immediate shot on goal by the Hawks, but it was gobbled up by Ellis, who was OUTSTANDING tonight!
The Hawks never let up, but neither did the Preds, they were absolutely playing to WIN!!!

Toots had been due for a goal with his play over the last month, and finally cashed in with his second of the season, followed 35 seconds later by a pass from Leggy to Ward that resulted in the 4th and final goal of the game.

Incredible win for the Preds tonight, now they should be looking to exact revenge on the Wild tomorrow after their awful loss a few days ago.......
Needless to say, GO PREDS!

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