Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sharks @ Predators

Thank you Predators for yet another home win! It makes the 2 1/2 hour drive home a lot easier to swallow.....

The Preds won 4-3 last night against the San Jose Sharks, same score as the last meeting of the two, but different outcome. The Preds pulled out a huge win against argueably one of the best teams in the NHL. There was no point in the game that the home team was slacking off, though sorry Arny, you did seem like you were calling it in all game...... Maybe Patric Hornqvist will give you some pointers on how to play with heart, just a suggestion.

Although Pekka Rinne had some spectacular saves, he had an average game overall. The real story of last night was the Ward, Legwand, Smithson line......
Really and truly that line has played some of the most exciting hockey we as Preds fans have seen in a long time. It was really great to see the chances that Leggy has been generating pay off with a goal and 2 assists and first star honors! Seriously, when was the last time Leggy was a star of the game?

Not to be put aside, Smithers has continued to play great hockey and generated a lot of excitement on the ice. Ward seemed to be right in the thick of the action and would not give up, really this line is Fang-tastic!! Cheesy? yes.... LOVE IT!

What was up with the game clock though? Trotz was ANGRY about it during his post-game interview and rightfully so. The Sharks should not have been allowed all of that extra time to rest and get a strategy together, if there was ever a team that could make a game-tying play within those 3 seconds, the Sharks are it. Thankfully the Preds were able to stave off any plays for that 3 seconds, but still, it should NEVER have happened. PLUS, it was delaying my departure, that's all I am gonna say about that though. Game Clock Officials, GET IT TOGETHER!

Overall, an incredible game against an incredible team. Where will the Preds be in March if this keeps up? All the line juggling, all of the hate for Trotzy, all of the lack of support for the team will be null and void if they continue to play with the heart, determination, and confidence that they have shown in the last few weeks. Yes, there have been some heart-breaking losses for the Preds (last Sharks game, etc..) but with the current roster, and the gritty under-dog mentality, we may just have ourselves an exciting season of hockey to watch!

Congrats again to the Preds on a FANTASTIC win! Can't wait to be back on Monday as you take on the WINGS!

Let's GO Preds!

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