Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Problems for the Preds?

Weber, Wilson, AND Dumont?..........OH MY!

Just when Predators fans found out that Captain Arny and Toots were on their way back to the line-up, they received word that their #1 D-man Shea Weber would be out for 1-2 weeks with a foot injury, Rookie Colin Wilson reaggrevated his lower body injury, AND J.P. Dumont left practice hurting. Does this scenario spell doom for the Preds just when they seemed to have found their groove on the ice?
Pekka Rinne, with a slow start this season, has been snatching pucks out of the air with ease the past few games to help muster a 3 game win streak, but with the west-coast road trip looming on the horizon, will the depth of D-men be able to control the puck enough to keep the streak going? The goalie cannot win games by themselves, as evidenced by the Buffalo game where Rinne, on fire, stopped 40 of 41 shots faced.
The question is, will the players returning to the line-up be able to slip in un-noticed, or will they be just what the Preds need to continue winning games?
Thursday is so far away, leaving ample time for speculation, but the true test will be on the ice.
Will the Preds continue their winning streak or will the Ducks, Kings, and Blues leave them Clicking their heels and saying "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home"?

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