Thursday, November 12, 2009

Preds VS Blues

Yet again the Preds are facing a team with a couple of former players, and we as fans hope that the outcome is different from the Sharks game the other night. We want a WIN!

Although the Predators looked like the team that fans have been waiting for the entire season, they managed to give the game away with minutes to go. Even though the scoring chances were there for them, they could not put the puck in the net to tie it before regulation ended, prompting a 4-3 loss. The Preds always play well against the Sharks, and seem to be coming together even amongst the plague of injuries that has taken hold of the team.

Returning tonight to the line-up is J P DUUuuuuuUUUmont, and knowing this has prompted some hopeful feelings from me. Whenever he is on the ice, the Preds seem to play better, maybe he should have the "C", not Arny......just a thought....

The lack of sleep from the West Coast game schedule will be worth it if the boys return from this road trip with a win tonight against the Blues.

Dan Ellis- please watch the puck and know where it is..... AT ALL TIMES! You cannot let those squeakers go through your pads with minutes to go during a tied game, and well, you can't let that happen ever!

Weber was getting his legs back after his injury, but played well and Suter has continued to play strong with or without his line partner. The team does rely on the D for scoring too, so hopefully that trend can continue AND the offense can score a little too..... is that too much to ask for?

Hopefully Peks will be in net tonight, as that seems to be Trotzy's play, lose a game, ride the bench (Ellis). This season, the goaltender's confidence has been pulled up and down with the decision of who is starting and who is sitting, so it begs the question:
Is either goalie worthy of the starting position? Or do the Preds simply have a 1a and 1b goalie rotation? Let's just let them play, and see how it goes from there, obviously I do not have the experience or knowledge that Coach Trotz has, so I cannot say that he is making a poor decision by rotating them.

All in all, the Preds are looking good, and overcoming huge obstacles early in the season, and really, aren't they ALWAYS going against the odds? Didn't we make it to the playoffs with a bunch of nobodies a couple of years ago, and ALMOST make it this past year? Considering what this team has been through in its short tenure, and what Coach Trotz has been given, talent and injury-wise, I feel confident that the team will do well this year. Sure, a super-star would be incredible, but if that is not what we are meant to have, then fine, I will root for them no matter what. The Preds are my team, and I will not simply run away from them because they are having a rough time. (I do love when they win though) Call me's not a dirty word.

Cannot wait for Saturday's game against the Habs too.... First game back in the Sommet Center since the incredible Stars game. Hopefully it's a GREAT and LOUD crowd for our boys.

And as always: LET'S GO PREDS!!!

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